Natya Kala Sikhamani Shrimathy Nandini Suthahar

Chief Instructress and founder of Kalaimanram UK

“Natya Kala Sikhamani” Shrimathy Nandini Suthahar is the founder, principal and chief instructress of Kalaimanram UK a cultural academy in Harrow and Watford dedicated to the preservation and teaching of traditional disciplines in the Vazhuvoor style of Bharata Natyam dance and Carnatic vocal music.

The daughter of the renowned classical dancer, “Kalabhooshanam” Shrimathy Thiripurasundari Yoganantham and Late Mr. Yogaselvam Yaganantahm.   Nandini began her formal training in Bharata Natyam under the tutelage of her mother at Kalaimanram in Sri Lanka. Following her Arangetram, she embarked on a course of advanced and intensive training in India under the expert guidance of “Natya Kalakesari”, “Isai Perarignar”,” Padmashri” Vazhuvoor Ramaiah Pillai’s son, Vazhuvoor Samaraj and was awarded the title “Natya Kala Sikhamani.”

A veteran of on-stage and TV productions, Nandini has choreographed, presented and participated in an array performances. Her performance in 1995 for the 4th Hindu conference as ‘Karaikkaal Ammaiyaar’ in the “Theivaththaai” dance drama was extremely well received by audiences in Colombo, Sri Lanka. One of Nandini’s personal highlights has been the privilege of performing before the Archbishop of Canterbury during his visit to Sri Lanka.

At her Kalaimanram Academy or in her classes at the Watford Tamil School in Bushey for promising students, Nandini introduces new students to the concepts of Bharata natyam and classical music. From the time they put on their ‘kaal salangai’ or ankle bells to perform their first dance steps or sing their first musical notes, Nandini ensures that her students of all ages are well grounded in both the theoretical and practical aspects of these art forms. A highly respected teacher, she trains students up to advanced levels in Bharata Natyam & Carnatic Vocal Exams conducted by the Oriental Examination Board of London (OEBL). In 2010, Nandini was commissioned to set the practical Bharata Natyam syllabus in the Vazhuvoor discipline for the OEBL Examining Board.

Whether it is teaching her dance students how to portray Lord Krishna lifting the Govardhana mountain or expressing the emotion and agony that the nayaka is feeling at being torn away from her Lord Muruga or delivering the mesmerizing and vibrant steps of the Thillana, with every adavu Nandini imparts her mastery of dance and skills generously. Similarly, with her students of music, Nandini ensures that their understanding of each pallavi and raga is complete as they sing. As a dedicated guru to her pupils, Nandini constantly unlocks their individual abilities and ensures that their strengths and talents emerge and that these are showcased with every performance.

Nandini Suthahar’s Credits:

As a professional teacher, Nandini Suthahar has conducted Arangetrams in Sri Lanka & UK and produced annual concerts and workshops including:

  • 2002 – Produced shows such as “Sangamam” for Harrow Racial Equality’s Black History Month
  • 2010 – Produced a shows such as “Nathavinotham 2010” for Hartley College Past Pupils Association UK
  • 2011 – Choreographed ‘Tsunami’ for Natha Vinotham in conjunction with the with the famous playback singers Unnikrishnan and Sayinthavi for Hartley College Past Pupils Association UK
  • 2010/11/12 – Produced “Gaana Reengaram” in aid of the Tamil Orphans Trust.